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Welcome to the 5th EPUAP Focus Meeting website!

Patient safety: Prevention and communication

Organised in cooperation with Danish Healing Society, University of Luebeck, Hospital Sønderjylland and Municipality of Sønderborg.

Dates: 25 - 27 May 2020

Location: Sønderborg, Denmark


Programme topics:

  • Patient safety:  prevention and communication
  • Quality management and patient safety
  • "In safe hands": The Sonderborg Concept
  • From guideline to practice
  • Health technologies at the bedside

In addition to the oral presentations held by the various experts during each key session, the programme will include also poster viewing.

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The EPUAP Focus Meeting is a unique initiative aimed at exchanging knowledge among scientists, clinicians, R&D and industry in regard to the latest developments in special areas of pressure ulcer research and practice. The focus meeting is intended to create a space for in-depth discussions about special topics, to identify knowledge and technological gaps, as well as clinical needs in the pressure ulcer field, and to establish a platform for discussion for academia and industry.

Focus Meeting 2020 Local Organising Committee

Rolf Jelnes, Chair of the conference

Katrin Balzer, Co-chair of the conference

Aase Fremmelevholm RN

Amira Halim RN

Annette Høgh, MD

Britt Hansen RN

Joan Slaikjær

Tina Jakobsen RN

Tine Helene Jensen




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The 5th EPUAP Focus Meeting 2020 is compliant with the MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice.  For more information please see www.ethicalmedtech.eu.